The following is a listing of the awards and medals that members of the Wisconsin section of CSWEA have been awarded.

Seven “S” Society

Award Description
The Sentral States Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers was organized in 1971. The Select Society was modeled after similar societies that had previously been organized in other Member Associations. The earliest of these was founded in Pennsylvania by H.E. “Ted” Moses in 1937. The group was known as the Ted Moses Sludge Shovelers Society. Moses noticed that many members were contributing a great amount of unrecognized time and effort and that no formal way existed to reward these members.

The Sentral States Select Society conforms to this tradition in many ways. Each member receives a certificate of membership and gold shovel that must be worn during all Central States functions. Central States members may become eligible for induction into the Select Society by activities worthy of recognition in the opinion of the Selection Committee. It is impossible to “join” the Select Society, as there are no dues. New members are initiated during a sacred ceremony at the Central States Water Environment Association Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients
2022Veronica Loete & Matt Seib
2021Mary-Frances Klimek & Sharon Thieszen
2020Sam Austin & Lindsey Busch
2019Chris Lefevbre & Mark Mittag
2018Glenn Tranowski & Jeremy Cramer
2017Jim Kleinschmidt & Jon Butt
2016Alan Grooms
2015Julie McMullin & Dan Zitomer
2014Matt Allen (i2016) & Eric Lynne
2013Bill Oldenburg & Brandon Koltz (i2014)
2012Rachel Lee & Dale Doerr - R
2011Keith Hass & Troy Larson (i2013)
2010Jim Beier (i2013) & Andy Craven
2009Dave Arnott & Dennis Egge - R
2008Dave Taylor & Max Anderson - R
2007Jane Carlson & Tom Foltz - R
2006Mike Pierner - R & Randy Wirtz
2005Steve Godfrey & John Olson
2004Jay Kemp & Tom Mulcahy
2003Lamont Albers & Frank Tiefert
2002Dan Busch & Phil Budde
2001Rick Pace & Phil Budde
2000Thomas W. Sigmund & William L. Marten
1999Dean D. Falkner & Joseph S. Mandala
1998James J. Smith & Peter C. Wachs
1997Joan B. McNamee & Steven R. Reusser
1996Paul A. Lange & Daniel L. Lynch
1995James M. Force & Kenneth L. Sedmak
1994William C. Boyle & Michael D. Doran
1993Jeffrey Brochtrup & Ralph B. Schroedel, Jr.
1992Paul H. Nehm & James G. Shaw & Charles A. Sorber (Honorary)
1991Ronald W. Dickrell & Carol S. Strackbein
1990Peter V. Cavegnaro & John R. Leonard
1989Dale F. Stiller & Thomas E. Vik
1988James J. Smith & Peter C. Wachs
1987Thomas J. Bunker & Gordon H. Smith
1986Lester O. Hoganson & Roger W. Sherman
1985Frank T. Lamm
1984Robert W. Bues & John W. Wagner
1983Stanley P. Budrys & John H. Schlintz
1982James R. Carpenter & Professor A. E. Zanoni & Karl R. Zuehlke
1981A. E. Becher, Jr. & Karl G. Voelkel
1980Jerold A. Kieffer & James L. Nemke
1979Phillip S. Davy & Henry E. Dedinsky & Martin Lang (Honorary)
1978Lawrence A. Ernest & Raymond J. Kipp & William E. Stanley (Honorary)
1977Lawrence B. Polkowski & Joseph B. Hanlon (Honorary) & Gladys H. Swope (Honorary)
1976Gary K. Coates & B. Victor Pfeiffer & Victor G. Wagner (Honorary)



Harris Prescott Eddy Medal

Award Description
The Harrison Prescott Eddy Medal is awarded for research that makes a vital contribution to the existing knowledge of the fundamental principles or process of wastewater treatment, as comprehensively described and published in a Federal periodical.
The award honors Harrison Prescott Eddy, a prominent engineer and a pioneer in the field of wastewater treatment.

Past Recipients
1989William C. Boyle
1975Steven P. Graef
1971Paul MacBerthouex & Lawrence Polkowski
1955William Katz



Radebaugh Award

Award Description
The Gus J. Radebaugh award is presented to the author or authors of the technical paper that was judged to be the best presentation at last year’s annual meeting.

Past Recipients
2022Not Awarded
2021Not Awarded
2020"Doubling Down on Phosphorus" Rachel Lee, Mikaela Vergin, Matt Seib, Aaron Dose
2019Robert S. Trotter and Elizabeth Heise
“A Study on the Effects of Side Streams on Phosphorous Removal”
2018"A Simple and Energy Efficient Approach to Cleaning Biogas"
Sid Aurora, Lindsey Busch, Sean Snyder and Rudy Kilian
2017“SNRP 101 – Fond du Lac WWTP Lab Experiences”
Autumn Fisher, Jeremy Cramer, Eric Lynne
2016Steven R. Reusser, Alan L. Grooms, Aaron P. Dose
2015Jeremy Bril, Jane Carlson, John Leonhard
2014Jared Greeno, Greg Paul, David Raskowic
2013Chris Wilson and Jennifer Hindel
2012Alan Grooms
2011Navaneethan Navarathnam, Scott Royer, Peter R. Topczewski & Daniel Zitomer
2010Steven R. Reusser
2009Not Awarded
2008Jay Kemp, Dennis Egge & Daniel Zitomer
2007Tom Vik & Mark Surwillo
2006Not Awarded
2005Steve Reusser
2002Steve ReusserGreg Zelinka
2001Dan BuschMike Urbancic
1999James A. Bilgo & Kenneth E. Kazubowski
1998James J. Marx
1995Thomas E. Vik & David T. Redmon
1992Thomas E. Vik & James R. Kirk
1991Paul MacBerthouex
1990Steven R. Reusser
1989Paul MacBerthouex & D. Robert Gan
1988J. Willard DeBauche
1987Glen T. Daigger
1986Brooks Newbry & Diane Taniguchi-Dennis & Tom Sigmund
1984Thomas E. Vik & Dennis J. Lammers & Daniel L. Roder
1979Bruce Snyder
1977Phillip E. Budde & Paul Nehm & William C. Boyle
1972A.E. Zanoni & Rutkowski



Collection System Award

Award Description
The Collection System Award is presented to an Association member in recognition of outstanding contributions in advancing collection system knowledge and direct or indirect improvement in water quality.

Past Recipients
2022Chris Helgestad
Village of Spencer
2021John Schoen
City of Seymour
2020Joan Hawley
Superior Engineering
2019Mark Kivela
City of Marshfield, WI
2018Bill Wehrley
City of Wauwatosa
2017Kevin L. Freber
City of Watertown
2016John Nelson
2015Robert W. Lecey
2014Tom Grisa
2013Tim Bate
Milwaukee Metropolitan SD
2012Tom Grunewald
Village of Boyd
2011Tom Steinbach
City of Oconomowoc
2010Tim Zimmerman, Village of Germantown, WI
2009Ron Dickrell
Marshfield Wastewater Utility
2008Steve Woodman
City of Beloit
2006Bob Bradley
City of Racine
2005Daniel Frye
2002Nancy Schultz
2001Mike Pierner
2000Stanley Kucharski
1998Floyd L. Finney
1997Ronald Eifler
1996James T. Kunz
1995Donald C. Lythjohan
1991Paul A. Lange
1986Thomas F. Wolf



Service Award

Past Recipients
2022Matt Seib
2021Troy Larson
2020Alan Grooms
2019Jim Kleinschmidt
2018Dave Arnott
2017Jane Carlson
2016Keith Haas
President 2015-16
2015Bill Oldenberg
2014Eric Lynne
2013Tom Mulcahy
2012Brandon Koltz
2011Randy Wirtz
2010Bill Marten
2009Jane Carlson
2008Dave Taylor
2007Tom Sigmund
2006Ken Sedmak
2005Dan Busch
2004Paul Nehm
2003Tom Krueger
2002Paul Lange
2001Rusty Schroedel
2000John Leonhard
1999Carol Strackbein
1998Tom Bunker
1997Jim Shaw
1996Dan Lynch
1995Ruth Ann Kolowith
1990Jeff Brochtrup
1989O. Fred Nelson
1988Jim Nemke
1987Frank Lamm
1986Karl Voelkel



Academic Excellence

Award Description
The Academic Excellence Award is presented for academic achievement by a full-time student enrolled in a master’s level or above program in environmental or sanitary engineering.

Past Recipients
2022Angeline Decker - University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Ben Edwards - University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Carly Amstadt - University of Wisconsin – Madison
Claire Baldus - Marquette University
Joshua Kleinschmidt - Milwaukee School of Engineering
Yanan Zhoa - University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
2019Eileen Kennedy - Marquette University
Alexander Weislak - Milwaukee School of Engineering
Neil Funseth - University of Wisconsin – Madison
Qionqion Dong - University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
McKenna Farmer - University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Daniel Rider - University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
2016Finn Finucane, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Vadym Ianaiev, Univ of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Stephen Matthias, Univ of Wisconsin – Madison
Xiaopeng Min, Univ of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Matthew Nichols, Univ of Wisconsin – Green Bay
Eric Osterdyk, Univ of Wisconsin – Platteville
Kaushik Venkiteshwaran, Marquette University
2013Adam R. Groshek - University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Amanda Heller - Milwaukee School of Engineering
Sally Shumaker - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Allen Williams - Marquette University
Li Xiao - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2012No Award Given.
2011Evan Hunter, University of MN, Duluth Greg LeFevre, University of MN, Twin Cities Carl J. Sorensen, MN State University, Mankato
2010No Award Given.
2009Petia Tontcheva, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Kathryn Weissman, Illinois Institute of Technology
2008Alison Ling, University of MN, Twin Cities Carla Petrich, University of MN, Duluth Michael Petersen, MN State University, Mankato
2007Ryan Holzem UW Platteville Stacy Erin Metz, UW Madison Mark Hope, Marquette University Yang Liu, UW Milwaukee
2006Carlos Lopez, U of I Adhiraj Joshi
2004Phillip Bzdusek & Leon Downing
2001Mike Gitter
1998Jason P. Parrillo & Jenchie Wang
1995Julie A. Hoffman
1992Matt Talarczyk & Dr. Xiaochun Zhang & Michele Pluta
1989Sanjay Yadav
1986Kathleen M. Helf & Rick Lee Fero
1985William Marten & Francis Mahuta, Jr.
1984William Marten & Francis Mahuta, Jr.
1983Thomas J. Simpkin
1982Jeffrey A. Brochtrup
1981David K. Stevens
1980David L. Mueller



Operations Award

Award Description
The Operations Award is given annually to an operator from each of the three member states in recognition of outstanding wastewater treatment plant operation. (Records missing for 1969-77 winners)

Past Recipients
2022Ben Brooks
2021Brian Helminger
2020Cody Schoepke
2019Ryan Giefer
2018Craig Lawniczak
2017Sharon Thieszen
2016Mary-Frances Klimek
2015Kris August
2014Bruce Bartel
2013Jeremy Cramer
2012David Carlson
2011Rabert Sherr
2010Dave Lefebvre
2009Paul Christensen
2008Jim Thalke
2007Dennis Egge
2006Tom Steinbach
2005Not Awarded
2004Joe Morrissey
2003Ron Eifler
2003Tom Zager
2002John Fales
2001Tom Krueger
2000Ari Mathos
1999Paul A. Lange
1998Daniel L. Busch
1997John Leonhard
1995Kenneth Johnson
1994Gerald Ellefson
1993Nancy Mann
1992J. Willard DeBauche, Jr.
1991David Benner
1990Stephen Miller
1989Steve Reusser
1988Dean Falkner
1987Richard Neterval
1986Thomas Bunker
1985Paul Nehm
1984Ed Kruger
1983John Budde
1982Richard Birner
1981James Nemke
1980William Behling
1979Willis Stubbe
1978Jerome Bersch



Burke Safety Award

Award Description
The George W. Burke, Jr., Facility Safety Award is given in recognition of active and effective safety programs in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Established in 1982, the award was named in honor of Mr. Burke for his many years of service to the industry and the Federation as staff manager of technical services. He was instrumental in developing the Federation Annual Safety Survey.

Past Recipients
2022City of Oconomowoc
2021City of Oshkosh WWTF
2020Madison MSD
2019St. Cloud
2018City of Janesville
2017NEW Water
2016Glenbard Wastewater Authority
2015Western Lake Superior SD
2014Veolia Water Milwaukee
2013Not Awarded
2012Metropolitan Council Environmental Services-East Business Unit
2011Not Awarded
2010Glenbard Wastewater Authority
2009Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
2008City of Crystal Lake, IL WWT Division
2007North Shore Sanitary District
2006Not Awarded
2005City of Naperville, IL Springbrook WWT Facility Naperville, IL
2004Glenbard Wastewater Agency, IL
2003City of Elmhurst Elmhurst IL
2002Heart of the Valley MSD
2000Beloit Water Pollution Control Facility
1999Racine Wastewater Utility
1996Fox River Water Pollution Control Facility
1995Sheboygan Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
1994Janesville Wastewater Utility
1991Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
1986Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District
1983Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant



Hatfield Award

Award Description
The Hatfield Award is given for outstanding wastewater treatment plant operation. Established in 1946, it is named for William D. Hatfield, who was affectionately known as “Doc” Hatfield. “Doc” served as president of both the Federation (1958-59) and this Association (1944-45). He was a former superintendent of the Decatur, Illinois Sanitary District.

Past Recipients
2022Mark Eddington
2021Andy Bradshaw
2020Stephen Brand
2019Mary-Frances Klimek
2018Thomas Sigmund
2017 Larry Rogacki
2016Sue Baert
2015Eric Lecuyer
2014Dale Doerr
2013John Leonhard
2012Rick Pace
2011Mary Fralish
2010Dan Lynch
2009Dan Busch
2008Steve Reusser
2007Albert Parrella
2006Dennis Streicher
2005Terry Jackson
2004Paul Thormodsgard
2002Tom Bunker
1997Dean D. Falkner
1994Paul H. Nehm
1993Ronald W. Dickrell
1991Joseph L. Gehin
1989Roger W. Sherman
1985Frank D. Munsey
1983James L. Nemke
1978John W. Wagner
1976Albert J. Winter
1975Grant Haugstad
1974Gary K. Coates
1968David W. Martin
1965Clyde F. Lehman
1962Raymond D. Leary
1959Frank I. Vilen



Golden Manhole Award

Past Recipients
2022Tom Dickson
2021Tim Birkel
2020Not Awarded
2019Chris Stamborski
2018Brian Vander Loop & Peter Vanrolleghem (WEF)
2017Amy Post & Jerad Wegner
2016Jack Saltes & Allan Wheeler
2015Tim Zimmerman
2014Kevin Freber & Sam Warp
2013Mark Kolczaski
2012Randy Belanger
2011Thomas Steinback
2010Andy Craven & Dan Lynch
2009Ruth Delay & Todd Stelmacher
2008Jim Beier & Ned Paschke
2007 Jim Beier & Ned Paschke
2006Mike Krosnosky & Mike Spence
2005Keith Alexander & Jim Fratrick
2004Tom Bunker & Mike Pierner & Joan Hawley
2003Tom Krueger & Frank Tiefert & Tim Bate & John Leonhard & Jim Smith
2002Nancy Schultz
2000Paul A. Lange


WEF Service Award

Past Recipients
2015Ralph "Rusty" B. Schroedel, WEF Delegate ’12-14
2013David L. Raby, WEF Delegate ‘11-13
2005Tom Krueger
2004Dan Lynch
2003Carol Strackbein & Jim Force

Bedell Award

Award Description
The Bedell Award was established to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to a Water Environment Federation member association. Established in 1948, it is named in honor of Arthur Sidney Bedell, the second president of the Federation, who exemplified its purpose by his devotion and long service to the New York Water Pollution Control Association.

Past Recipients
2022Jane Carlson
2021Mark Eddington
2020Mohammed Haque
2019Mike Holland
2018Doug Henrichsen
2017Beth Vogt
2016Patti Craddock
2015Randall A. Wirtz
2014Tim Tack
2013Carol Strackbein
2012Ralph B. Schroedel, Jr.
2011Dennis Lindeke
2010Scott Trotter
2009Jim Roth P.E.
2008Daniel Lynch, P.E.
2007John Leonhard
2006Bob L. Clavel, P.E.
2005Jim Smith
2001William C. Boyle
1998Thomas J. Bunker
1995James L. Nemke
1992Frank T. Lamm
1990B. Victor Pfeiffer
1985A. E. Zanoni
1984Gary K. Coates
1981O. Fred Nelson
1979Lawrence A. Ernest
1976Raymond D. Leary
1972William N. Konrad
1969Frank I. Vilen



Lab Analyst Excellence Award

Award Description
Established in 1992 to recognize individuals for outstanding performance, professionalism, and contributions to the water quality analysis profession, the Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award is given to an individual employed by an educational facility, laboratory, industrial, commercial or municipal laboratory which performs wastewater related analysis.

Past Recipients
2022Brooke Klingbeil
2021Jennifer Thoreson
2020Derek Budsberg
2019Danette Stout
2018Erick Hepp
2017Jan Orth
2016Autumn Fisher
2015Montgomery Baker
2014Stephen Hansen
2013Torell Geffers
2012Jeff Bratza
2011David Piquett
2010Judy Theon
2009Marc R. Zimmerman
2008Nora Erlandson
2007John Kennedy
2005Mike Urbancic
2004Janet Tiffany
2002Randy Thater
1998Greg Zelinka
1995Jeffrey A. MacDonald



Gordon Maskew Fair Medal

Past Recipients
1993William C. Boyle


Phillip F. Morgan Medal

Past Recipients
1989Terry R. Larson & Alan L. Berg



George Bradley Gascoigne Medal

Past Recipients
2005Bill Marten & John Hung & Jeff Schilling
Dennis Dineen & Gary Cressey
1970Lawrence Ernest


George J. Schroepfer Medal

Past Recipients
2005Dan Lynch & Jay Kemp
1997Ralph B. Schroedel, Jr.



Outstanding Achievement In Water Pollution Control

Past Recipients
1995Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District



Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award

Past Recipients
2017Johnsonville Sausage, Sheboygan Falls, WI
2015Forest County Potawatomi Community, Crandon, WI
2014JBS Green Bay, Green Bay, WI
2013Grande Cheese Company Lomira, WI
2006Patrick Cudahy, Inc, Cudahy WI
2003Wisconsin Plating Works, Racine, Wisconsin
1996Kerry Ingredients, Jackson, Wisconsin
1995Snap-On Tools, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Innovative Technology Award – Instrumentation Category

Past Recipients
1997Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District


Energy & Resource Recovery Award

Past Recipients
2022Symbiont/EnTech Solutions/Faith Technologies
2021Green Bay NEW Water, and City of Stevens Point

Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

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