CSWEA Certified Operator Training Program


The CSWEA Operator Certified Operator Training Program is    intended to help Operators prepare for IEPA Wastewater Certification Exams and to provide another level of Operator certification as a CSWEA Certified Operator. This program is intended to recognize a person’s commitment to professionalism, continual improvement and ability to finish a long-term task as well as a separate acknowledgment of the completion of a training program consisting of top-notch materials and instructors. Individuals benefit by having the ability to differentiate themselves from other candidates when seeking promotions and/or new jobs, and to be able to take pride in an important professional accomplishment.  Employers also benefit by being able to identify employees and potential employees who are serious about a career in the wastewater treatment profession, and are willing to invest in themselves and their future.


To become a CSWEA Certified Operator, you will need to attend a minimum of eight (8) CSWEA Courses from the prescribed list in a period of no more than three (3) years. In addition, you will need to attend one (1) Seminar from the list of CSWEA Seminars (to the right). Once you are a CSWEA Certified Operator, refresher courses are at no cost to you. The Courses will include a multiple-choice test (approximately 20 questions) that must be passed by the participant with a score of 80% before the course will be counted towards fulfilling the CSWEA Certified Operator requirements.


The CSWEA Courses are an excellent way to prepare for the IEPA Wastewater Operator Certification Exams. Courses can be chosen to tailor to the operator certification level desired and can also be used to fulfill upcoming continuing education requirements.


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