2016 Collection System Seminar

Conference Agenda.
West Washington Street Drainage Study and Improvements
Christopher Gutkowski.
Slowing Corrosion
Elsa Wright.
CMOM, An Introduction
Michael Ott.
Flow Monitoring
Tom Romza.
Government Affairs Update
Fred Andes.

Cari Ishida.
Construction Site Safety
Wendell Wood.

Utilizing Hazard Mitigation
Tim Sumner.


2016 Government Affairs Seminar

Agriculture – Jean Payne.
IEPA Loan – Gary Bingenheimer.
319 Grants – Amy Walkenbach.
USEPA Water Rule – Fred Andes.
Solar Energy – Edith Makra and Elena Savona.


2015 Solar Forum (w/ IAWA)

Agenda & Handouts.
Solar Energy for Publicly Owned Treatment Works – Mat Elmore (Elevate Energy), Nick Menninga (Downers Grove SD).
Grants and Loans for Solar Energy – Edith Makra (Metropolitan Mayors Caucus).
Solar PV System Operation & Integration, Tomas Yurysta – Senior Project Manager (Optony Inc.).
Financing Solar Projects through Power Purchase Structures – Azimuth Energy.
Integrating Biogas and Solar Timing is Everything – Chet Kolodziej.
Rochelle Municipal Utilites – POWT Conference.
Lexington Avenue Pump Station’s Award Winning 1 MW PV System – Ryan Christopher, PE.
U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership and other Recognition Opportunities – Alexis Cain.
Solar Energy for Municipal POTW Facilities – Marc Lopata..


2015 Laboratory Pre-Treatment Seminar

PRETREATMENT & LABORATORY ISSUES (FOG, Nursing Homes, & Low Flow Industries) .
DeKalb Sanitary District Peracetic Acid Disinfection Pilot .
Industrial Stormwater Inspections.
Central States WEA Phosphorus Testing, Investigation, Capture and Recovery.
2015 CSWEA Laboratory Pretreatment Seminar.


2015 Government Affairs Seminar

Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.
Reducing Nutrient Losses.
Utilizing Site-specific Technologies To Improve Farm Profitability And Environmental Quality.
Nutrients – The Wisconsin Perspective.
Sangamon River Watershed Nutrient Management Coalition.
Addressing NPDES Permit CMOM Requirements.


2014 Collection System Seminar

Working with Satellite Communities.
Central States WEA – Long Term Flow Monitoring.
IEPA Regulatory Update.
New Requirements as to Blending and Excess Flow Units.
Case History City of Rock Island GIS-Based Electronic Operations and Maintenance System for a Water and Wastewater Utility.
Emergency Response Modeling from Extreme Rain Events for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.
Addressing NPDES Permit CMOM Requirements.
CSWEA – Intro to Grouting 06_26_2014.
CSWEA Illinois Conference CIPP Presentation for Pipelines.
CSWEA Oak Lawn SS Rehab Presentation.
Original Brochure.



Illinois Section 2012 Operations Seminar.


2011 Lab & Pretreatment Seminar

Using FOG and Foodwaste to Increase Methane Production.
The Little Things.
Effluent Guidelines Program Update.
Mercury Reduction.
Impact of Nutrient Loading on Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems.
Lab Safety SOP.


2010 Collection System Seminar

About the Seminar.
2010 Seminar Summary.
Professional Development.
NPDES Permits, Compliance and SSOs.
Integration of Flow Monitoring with SCADA.
Wheaton Sanitary District Southside Interceptor Sewer.
Energy Considerations for Wastewater Pumping Systems and Lift Stations.
True Green Epoxy Manhole Composite Materials to Preserve & Protect Our Planet.
Remote flow monitoring and use of real time data for evaluation of collection system performance.


2010 Lab Seminar

Pretreatment Program Updates.
Determination of Total Nitrogen in Wastewater by Steam Distillation.


2010 Government Affairs Seminar

Blending Policy and Draft Utility Analysis Document.
IEMA Proposed Rulemaking concerning Radium in Wastewater Sludge.
New Developments in Water Quality Standards.


2009 Maintenance and Safety Seminar

Bearing Life and Reliability.
CSWEA Plant Maintenance Technologist Certification Program.
Improving Mechanical Seal Reliability.
Maintenance Reliability Basics.
Maintenance Reliability.
Seal Failure Analysis.
Seal Installation Tips.
The Need for Coatings in Commercial Water.
Understanding Cavitation.
Vibration versus Bearing Life.


2009 Collection System Seminar

About the Seminar.
2009 Seminar Summary.
Chemical Grout.
Chemical Grouting of Sanitary Sewers.
Low Pressure Sewer Systems.
Basics of Root Control.
Water is Life and Infrastructure Makes it Happen.
Collection System Monitoring.
Lift Station Safety and Maintenance.
NWPS Dive2.
Private Property Virtual Library.
Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer System – Port Barrington.


2009 Lab Seminar

Correlating Lab Testing to Troubleshooting Treatment Plants.
Hach Luminescence-Based Oxygen Sensors.
Photo 1.
Photo 2.
Photo 3.
Photo 4.


2008 Maintenance and Safety Seminar

Improving Mechanical Seal Reliability.
OSHA Review and Recordkeeping.
Pump Operational Flexibility & Optimization.
Pump Types.
Safety Awards.
Safety Concerns.


2008 Operations Seminar

Aeration Energy Conservation part 1.
Aeration Energy Conservation part 2.
Strantrol Control Systems part 1.
Strantrol Control Systems part 2.
FRWRD Hypochloride conversion.
FRWRD Bypass Pumping.
J. Liubicich Aeration.
STI Controls Radar level.


2008 Lab Seminar

PSA Lab Furniture Presentation.
ThermoFisher Presentation.


2008 Collection System Seminar

Coburn Presentation.
Eddington Presentation.
Gyger Water is Life Presentation.
Menninga Presentation.
Pinneo NPDES Permit Compliance.
Severson Storm Sewer tv.
Speaker Bios Collection Seminar.
Swirsky Presentation.
Trotter Collection Presentation.
Waldron Presentation.
Zima Dekalb Presentation.


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