Past Officers | Section Meetings

81-82Vic PfeifferBob BuesPete Wachs
82-83Jim NemkeBob BuesPete Wachs
83-84John AllenBob BuesPete Wachs
84-85Karl VoelkelBob BuesPete Wachs
85-86Roger ShermanJim NemkePete Wachs
86-87Roger ShermanJim NemkeJeff Brochtrup
87-88Tom BunkerRoger ShermanJeff Brochtrup
88-89Jim SmithRoger ShermanJeff Brochtrup
89-90John LeonhardTom BunkerJeff Brochtrup
90-91Ron DickrellTom BunkerTom Sigmund
91-92Jeff BrochtrupJim SmithCarol Strackbein
92-93Mike DoranJim SmithCarol Strackbein
93-94Dan LynchRon DickrellCarol Strackbein
94-95Bill HurleyRon DickrellCarol Strackbein
95-96Joan Hawley (McNamee)Jeff BrochtrupCarol Strackbein
96-97Rusty SchroedelJeff BrochtrupCarol Strackbein
97-98Tom KruegerJohn LeonhardCarol Strackbein
98-99Paul NehmJim ShawTom Sigmund
99-00Carol StrackbeinDan LynchTom Sigmund
00-01Ken SedmakDan LynchTom Sigmund
01-02Dan BuschCarol StrackbeinTom Sigmund
02-03John OlsonCarol StrackbeinBill Marten
03-04Tom SigmundTom KruegerBill Marten
04-05Mike PiernerTom KruegerBill Marten
05-06Randy WirtzRusty SchroedelBill Marten
06-07Tom MulcahyRusty SchroedelDave Arnott
07-08Bill MartenKen SedmakDave Arnott
08-09Steve GodfreyKen SedmakDave Arnott
09-10Jim BeierTom SigmundDave Arnott
10-11Keith HaasTom SigmundDave Arnott
11-12Jane CarlsonBill MartenDave Arnott
12-13Bill OldenburgBill MartenJosh Gable
13-14David ArnottBrandon KoltzJosh Gable
14-15Julie McMullinBrandon KoltzEric Lynne
15-16Dan ZitomerRandy WirtzEric Lynne
16-17Alan GroomsRandy WirtzVeronica Loete / Eric Lynne
17-18Jay KempDan ZitomerVeronica Loete/Jon Butt
18-19Troy LarsonDan ZitomerSam Austin/Jon Butt
19-20Rachel LeeJay KempSam Austin/Jon Butt
20-21Veronica LoeteJay KempLindsey Busch/Jon Butt
21-22Mary-Frances KlimekRachel LeeLindsey Busch/Jon Butt
22-23Jake BeckenRachel LeeLindsey Busch/Jon Butt

Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

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