Award Description

This service award is presented to the CSWEA member who has completed a term of service in areas such as President, Secretary, Section Trustee or Central States Water Editor.

The CSWEA Executive Committee may also recognize outstanding contributions to committee work or the Association as a whole with service awards. Nominees shall be made by the President or any other member of the executive committee and shall be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee. The service award shall be a plaque, certificate, or similar instrument. The award may also include a cash award, gift certificate, or some other gift as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. Awards may be made for the following categories:

a.   Long-term chairs or members of standing or ad hoc committees.

b.   Non-members who have provided significant service to the Association.

c.   Other special recognition considered appropriate by the Association President or Executive Committee.


For Information, Contact:

Amy Haque
Phone: 855-692-7932



Tracy Hodel

CSWEA President 2022-23


Chris Marschinke

Illinois Trustee from 2021 – 2023


Rachel Lee

Wisconsin Section Trustee 2021-23


Matt Streicher

PWO Representative 2021 – 2023



Past Recipients

2022Jane Carlson (CSWEA President 2021-22)
Samantha Austin (YP Representative 2020-22)
Christopher Harrington (Minnesota Section Trustee 2020-22)
2021Mark Eddington (CSWEA President 2020-21)
Kathy Crowson (PWO Representative 2019-21)
Jay Kemp (Wisconsin Section Trustee 2019-21)
Mike Holland (Illinois Section Trustee 2019-21)
2020Doug Henrichsen (CSWEA President 2019-20)
Jillian Kiss (YP Representative 2018-20)
Alison Sumption (Minnesota Section Trustee 2018-20)
Derek Wold (Illinois Trustee & WEF Delegate 2018-20)
Eric Lynne (WEF Delegate 2016-19)
2019David Arnott (CSWEA President 2018-19)
Chris Lefebvre (PWO Representative 2017-19)
Daniel Zitomer (Wisconsin Section Trustee 2017-19)
Derek Wold (Illinois Section Trustee 2017-18)
Rich Hussey (Illinois Section Trustee 2018-19)
2018Sue Baert (CSWEA President, 2017-2018)
Tracy Hodel (Minnesota Section Trustee, 2016-2018)
Anna Munson (Students & YP Representative, 2016-2018)
2017Patricia Oates (President 2016-17)
Mark Eddington (IL Section Trustee 2015-17)
Randy Wirtz (WI Section Trustee 2015-17)
Todd Sheridan (PWO Representative 2015-17)
2016Keith Haas (President 2015-16)
Jason Benson (MN Trustee 2014-16)
Tim Tack (Treasurer 2012-16)
Mike Holland (YP Representative 2014-16)
2015Jim Huchel (President 2014-15)
Dean Wiebenga (IL Trustee 2011-15)
Brandon Koltz (WI Trustee 2013-15)
Todd Carlson (PWO Representative 2013-15)
Mary Dressel (Laboratory Chair 2014-15)
Jillian Goodlove (Local Arrangements Chair 2014-15)
2014Patti Craddock (President 2013-14)
Doug Henrichsen (MN Trustee 2012-14)
Eric Lynne (YP Representative 2012-14)
2013Charles A. Hansen (President 1999-00)
Randall Wirtz (President 2012-13)
2012John Glatzmaier (MN Trustee 2010-12)
Richard Hussey (YP Rep 2010-12)
Doug Henrichsen (Treasurer 2010-12)
Bill Boyle (Education Seminar 1995-12)
2011Tom Sigmund (WI Trustee 2009-11)
Charlie LaRocco (PWO Rep 2009-11)
2010Rachel Lee (YP Representative 2008-10)
1999Charles A. Hansen (President)

Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

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