CSWEA | WEF Delegate’s Report

In continuation of the previous Delegates’ report, let us remind you of WEF’s four core values of service:

• Leadership
• Passion
• Scholarship
• Collaboration

This report highlights the Passion service area. WEF would not exist without the passion of its members. By simply reading this article, you are exhibiting passion towards the clean water industry. We want to help you find your passion and help you drive yourself to the next level of personal or professional growth. This desire stems from multiple areas:

  • Learning. By listening, reading, and observing our industry leaders we build confidence and become a resource for others.
  • Adapting. As the saying goes, the only thing certain in life is change (and taxes). Our organization’s committees are constantly monitoring changes to regulations and industry standards.
  • Networking. Expanding your Rolodex with experts and business partners is essential to life in this industry. The primary activities of the House of Delegates (HOD) since our last article in Central States Water have been associated with participating in activities of the HOD committees and work groups. Specifically, a few things worth noting have occurred recently and include:
    • Doug Henrichsen is serving on the Budget Committee and Audit Committee; The Budget Committee met during the Mid-Year Event in January to discuss WEF’s 2017 budget, and it was determined that the budget is in line with the core strategies.
    • Eric Lynne is serving on the Outreach Committee; the primary charge of the committee is to enhance the ability of WEF to disseminate (and collect) information to and from the membership. The most recent activity has related to WEF’s new website and improving upon some noted difficulties in finding typical information.


CSWEA is continuing to actively pursue membership as a WEF/WE&RF LIFT Affiliate. As a MA LIFT Affiliate, CSWEA will have access to LIFT documents and will serve as a link between the utilities, universities, for LIFT projects to ensure our members are aware of opportunities that work towards our common goals.

Registration has begun for WEFMAX meetings and, as in past years, several members of the CSWEA Executive Committee will be attending these meetings. The meeting locations (schedules) are as follows:

– March 29-31, 2017: San Juan, Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico W&EA)
– April 26-27, 2017: Cincinnati, OH (Host is Ohio WEA)
– May 10-12, 2017: Winnipeg, Manitoba, (Host is Western Canada WEA)
– May 31-June 2, 2017: Austin, TX (Host is WEA of Texas)

Mohammed, Eric, and Doug have registered to attend, respectively, for the Puerto Rico, Ohio, and Texas WEFMAX events. As part of the sessions, we will present a summary of Global Water Stewardship’s ability to enhance Public Communication & Outreach. We look forward to networking with other MAs and interacting with other leaders to enhance our organization. Anyone interested in attending a WEFMAX is strongly encouraged to contact Mohammed Haque.

WEF Immediate Past President Paul Bowen will be our special guest for the Annual Conference in May. Paul, who is also the Director of Sustainable Operations for the Coca-Cola Company, attended our 2015 conference as president-elect. Paul would be a great speaker at the conference if space allows. A list of his key topics is available, if not already selected, we should pick a topic that aligns with CSWEA initiatives.

Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.