CSWEA President's Message
Central States 90th Annual Meeting – Save the Dates

"We're Gonna Rock this Town....Rock it Inside Out"
- Stray Cats 1982

After our last local arrangements committee meeting I realized we were the 90th group of people to be planning this conference. Ninety years ago was 1926, the country was still recovering from WW I, Calvin Coolidge was president, and women were trying to get the right to vote. Flappers were all the rage, “Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue” was the most popular song and innovations included the pop-up toaster and the PEZ candy dispensers; and a small group of mid-westerners who recognized the value of clean water were hosting the first Central States Water Pollution Control Association, Annual Meeting. I’ve spoken with many who have planned previous conferences and I cannot begin to imagine planning this conference without computers, the internet, emails and texts. Hats off, to those who have planned this conference prior to technology!

With that said, it is an honor to be planning the 90th annual meeting and all indications are that we have a fabulous technical program coming together. Many thanks to the current Local Arrangements Committee Members who are working hard to bring us a memorable conference. The conference will be held at the beautifully renovated IHG hotel in St. Paul MN.

Monday has turned into jam-packed day; starting with the sunset session of the Leadership Academy that will be an interactive introduction to the concept of Continuous Improvement, led by Cristine Leavitt, Continuous Improvement Manager for Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES). Monday afternoon will offer the choice of our traditional golf outing, a tour of the MCES Eagles Point Wastewater Plant which has advanced secondary treatment and features elements of sustainable building design; and third a new addition to the conference, which is called “Swales, Rails and Ales” is a walking tour of the Stormwater BMPs in downtown St. Paul. The Stormwater Committee has created a landmark event, which showcases installed and functioning new stormwater technologies. Monday evening we will have our time-honored Meet and Greet Social.

Tuesday we will start the day with our keynote speaker Dr. Julian Sandino Vice President, Wastewater Global Practice Lead and Technology Senior Fellow at CH2M who will be speaking about new directions in Resource Recovery and the increasing pace of change in our industry. We also have an Operations Track that includes a session on understanding water-hammer and the invitational Resource Recovery Track will be moderated by Dr. Samuel Jeyanayagam, Vice President and Senior Principal Technologist at CH2M and who is also a WEF Fellow. The Resource Recovery Track will also include a panel discussion at the end of the day. Tuesday evening, we will wind up with our Vendor Social and then adjourn for a paddleboat ride on the Mighty Mississippi.

Of course, the conference would not be complete without our vendor exhibits which will be open all day on Tuesday and until noon on Wednesday. We are working on some new exhibits and events that promise to energize our exhibit area.

On Wednesday, we start with our State Section Meetings and then continue with our technical program that includes a Leadership and Management Track, with Ethics Training that will be presented by Kristine Kubes, of Kubes Law, and a session on Conducting Effective Investigations that will be conducted by Sydnee Woods, MCES Legal Counsel. The technical program will also include tracks on Nutrients and Collection Systems. At lunch we have the induction into the 7S society and we end the day with our Awards Banquet followed by professional entertainment.

I invite all of you to attend the 90th CSWEA Annual Meeting and remember that we really are “Gonna Rock this Town!”

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