CSWEA Message from the Chair



    The Best

    By Emma Larson

    “Surround yourself with people that do their job better than you do”. I heard this on the radio a few months ago while driving. It hit home so much that I made my husband find a scrap of paper to write it down so I that I didn’t forget it. When searching online for the entire quote, it seems to be accredited to Jose Miguel Sokoloff; but it turns out there are a lot of different, but very similar lines of thinking.

    When the world is telling us that we always have to be the best, have the best, do the best, show the best – how does this leave room for others to be the best? How can we support those around us to be the best and do the best, when we are so focused on ourselves? As a supervisor and colleague (and friend)– surrounding yourself with a team that knows their job inside out and every direction, will not only save you from having to know a lot of jobs, but it means your team can grow and thrive where others can’t. Giving your team, your colleagues, your family and friends the time and space, support and encouragement to be their best, will not only inspire you to be your best but it will be a self-giving reward.

    2021 has been a lot of things. Chaos being one of them. Sad being another. With the loss of our friend Ryan Giefer in November, it is a good reminder that life is short, and should be cherished. Even when we don’t feel like cherishing.

    In Minnesota Section we have a few things lined up to get us back together in 2022. The Collections Workshop on January 19th in the Twin Cities (exact location TBD), and Innovative Approached to Wastewater in St. Cloud on February 8th. We are really hoping to be able to continue to get together in person through 2022 and return to the colleagues and friends we have missed these last few years.

    Remember to check the CSWEA webpage and MN links for all the upcoming opportunities.

    All my best,

    – Emma –

    Mission Statement

    To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.