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Summer 2017 By Timothy Wedin


How can i help?

IMG_0777Welcome to a new year for the CSWEA Minnesota Section!    I am excited to step in as Section Chair for this year, and am looking forward to working with you to keep our section strong.  I would like to thank Christopher Harington for the leadership that he has provided over the past year.  Thanks to him and his team, we are starting this year in a strong position, with engaged leaders in our committees.  I plan to continue his work, and the work of so many others who have helped make the Minnesota Section what it is today.

The 90th Annual Meeting was a great success.  To the team that helped arrange the venue, pulled together the technical presenters and keynote speakers, and planned so many fun activities; thank you for your hard work.  Your dedication resulted in a well-attended conference that provided excellent information and great networking opportunities to all of us.  To those of you who could join us; thank you, and I hope that you found it as enjoyable and informational as I did.

During and after the Annual Meeting, several people approached me, and asked, “how can I help?”  I had some great conversations with many people who saw the benefits that they received from belonging to this organization, and sought to find a way to keep it vibrant.  So, what’s the answer, how can you help?

First, get involved with one of our committees!  While each of our nine committees is led by an outstanding team, they need your help to make this a successful year.  Find your interest, whether it’s Collection Systems, Operations, Public Outreach, Stormwater, or Resource Recovery and Energy, and get in touch with the chair to volunteer your time.  Our committees are working to arrange tours, plan conferences, and make sure that our legislators are aware of key issues that water reclamation professionals need to address in our communities.  We need your help to continue to provide the high-quality programming and outreach that you have come to expect.

Second, nominate someone for an award.  Every day, Central States members find new ways to address unique and challenging issues in the field.  Whether it’s in the design, or operation of a Water Reclamation Facility, or in the education of our students in the study of the water environment, we think it is important to recognize the people who advance the knowledge base of our industry.  We need your help in finding worthy nominees throughout the state, from Ada to Zumbrota, who deserve to have their efforts recognized.  Visit the Central States web site to learn more about the awards, and to submit a nomination.

Third, participate in one of our conferences.  Our next Collection Workshop, jointly held with MWOA, will take place on September 20, at Western Lake Superior SD in Duluth.  A second workshop will be held on January 24, 2018 at the Regional Maintenance Facility in Eagan.  These workshops, along with the Conference on the Environment, the Innovative Conference, and the Annual Meeting, are great opportunities for you to not only learn from others in the field, but to pass on information that you have gained.  I also would encourage you to consider presenting at one of our conferences.  Your experience as designers, operators, and educators is valuable,

Finally, reach out to non-members and invite them to join CSWEA.  You are our best ambassadors.  As section members, you know what benefits membership has provided to you.  Talk to your co-workers, clients, and students, and let them know about the benefits of membership.  Tell them about the network of professionals that membership in the Water Environment Federation (WEF), CSWEA, and the Minnesota Section opens for them.  Tell them about the professional development opportunities that are available through these organizations.  Tell them about the next activity that you will be attending, and bring them along!  By continuing to promote membership, you help to enhance and grow our organization, while developing them as a future industry leader.

So how can you help me through this next year?  Get involved with one of our committees.  Nominate a person or group of people for an award.  Help with one of our many conferences.  Introduce a non-member to the organization.  In short, be active!  Through your active participation, we can continue to grow and strengthen CSWEA.

Thank you and here’s to a great year,

-Tim Wedin-

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To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

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