CSWEA Golden Manhole Society

Award Description

The Golden Manhole Society is a professional society formed through the efforts of the WEF’s Collection System Committee. The WEF Collection System Committee has encouraged each of its Member Associations (MA’s) create a society within its association that recognizes significant contributions by individuals to the field of wastewater collection systems. Election to the CSWEA Golden Manhole Society is made by members of the society. The individual receives a certificate and a Golden Manhole lapel pin.

The Golden Manhole Award is presented at the Annual meeting to members from each State Section in recognition of their involvement in the operation management or design or operator education associated with Sanitary Sewer Systems.


Policy and Procedures

1.     The society shall designate a society member to solicit candidates for consideration during the Annual Meeting and to maintain society records.

2.     The present members of the “Golden Manhole” Society shall meet during the Annual Meeting to elect members from each State Section, and nationally, whom they feel merit the recognition of this award.

3.     Membership emblems for the Golden Manhole Society shall be provided.


For Information, Contact:

Michael G. Holland, P.E.
DeKalb Sanitary District
303 Hollister Ave, P.O. Box 624
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Office: (815) 758-3513


Past Winners

2016Illinois: Aaron Berry
Minnesota: Dianne Matthews
Wisconsin: Jack Saltes & Allan Wheeler
Honorary/Other: Lynn Broaddus (WEF) & Steve Dye (WEF)
2015Illinois : John Manijak
Minnesota : Wade Klingsporn
Wisconsin : Tim Zimmerman
Honorary/Other : Paul Bowen (WEF) & Linda Kelly (WEF)
2014Illinois : Todd Sheridan and Bob Swirsky
Minnesota : Dean Nelson - Frank Stuemke
Wisconsin : Kevin Freber and Sam Warp
Honorary/Other : Sandra Ralston (WEF)
2013Illinois : Nick Menninga
Minnesota : Joe Rubbelke & Kay Curtin
Wisconsin : Mark Kolczaski
Honorary/Other : John Hart
2012Illinois : Zach Matyja
Minnesota : Al Parrella & Del Haag
Wisconsin : Randy Belanger
Honorary/Other : Jeff Eger
2011Illinois : Matt Streicher & Mike Holland
Minnesota : Sandy Mass & Chris Kleist
Wisconsin : Thomas Steinback
Honorary/Other : Ed McCormick
2010Illinois : Derek Wold
Minnesota : Todd Carlson & Anthony Talamantez
Wisconsin : Andy Craven & Dan Lynch
Honorary/Other : Chris Browning
2009Illinois : Mark Eddington
Minnesota : Greg Guerrero & Bill Moeller
Wisconsin : Ruth Delay & Todd Stelmacher
Honorary/Other : Adam Zabinski
2008Minnesota : Craig Anderson & Linda Mullen
Wisconsin : Jim Beier & Ned Paschke
Honorary/Other : Mickael J. Read
2007Minnesota : Craig Anderson & Linda Mullen
Wisconsin : Jim Beier & Ned Paschke
Honorary/Other : Mickael J. Read
2006Illinois : Bob Clavel & Dennis Streicher
Minnesota : Stephen Lipinski
Wisconsin : Mike Krosnosky & Mike Spence
2005Wisconsin : Keith Alexander & Jim Fratrick
Honorary/Other : Mohamed Dahab
2004Illinois : Al Rae
Minnesota : Howard Jacobson
Wisconsin : Tom Bunker, Mike Pierner, Joan Hawley
Honorary/Other : Lynn Orphan
2003Illinois : Larry Cox, Tom Muth, Tom Hoeft, Ron Lyman, Steve Graceffa
Minnesota : Denis McKenzie, Gene Erikson, Jim Miller, George Rosati, Denny Martin
Wisconsin : Tom Krueger, Frank Tiefert, Tim Bate, John Leonhard, Jim Smith
2002Illinois : Mohammed Haque
Minnesota : Randy Poore
Wisconsin : Nancy Schultz
2001Wisconsin : Paul Lange


Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

1021 Alexandra Blvd
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


(855) MYCSWEA (692-7932)

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