CSWEA Collection System Awards

    Award Description

    This award may be given to one person per year from each State Section in recognition of outstanding contributions in advancing collection system knowledge and direct or indirect improvement in water quality. The award need not be given each year.


    Nomination Policy and Procedures

    1.     The State Section Collection Systems Committees shall submit the names of no more than one individual from each State Section to the Chair of the General Awards Committee no later than December 1 of each year. The award may be given to one person per year from each of the State Sections.

    2.     Documentation shall include biographical data such as personal information, training, education, civic activities, employment history, professional activities including committee participation and offices, honors received, publications, patents, design projects, or other contributions to collection system state-of-the-art. Letters of recommendation from peers, including at least one Association member, may also be provided.

    3.     The General Awards Committee may select one nominee (of the three submitted) for nomination for the WEF Collection System Award. The Association 1st Vice President shall forward the proper documentation, with a cover letter, to WEF supporting the recipient’s nomination.

    4.     If no Association Award is made, there shall be no nomination for the WEF Collection System Award from the Association.

    5.    Award candidates shall have been responsible for one or more of the following:

    a.     Upgrading collection system personnel through development and/or administration of educational and certification programs.

    b.     Development and implementation of innovative methods of system design, construction, maintenance, or rehabilitation to reduce inflow/infiltration and/or bypassing to surface waters.

    c.     Development and implementation of specific collection system management programs for controlling, planning, budgeting, and evaluation of program results.

    d.     Development of techniques and/or products that have reduced operating and maintenance costs, resulting in more efficient and safer collection system operations.

    e.     Public service resulting in improved system reliability and shortened response time to system failures.

    f.     Maintaining a comprehensive and effective collection system safety program, evidenced by reduced lost time incidents or other similar criteria.

    g.     Contribution of articles dealing with collection systems to newsletters, journals, bulletins, or other publications.

    h.     Presentation of collection system related presentations at Association or WEF meetings or other conferences, seminars, and workshops.

    i.     Collection system management programs including successful coordination of various political jurisdictions and administrative tasks, including continuity in funding or system repair and replacement.

    j.     Innovative modifications of existing collection system facilities for flow control, distribution, and regulation to increase system capacity and efficiency, and reduce or eliminate system deficiencies.

    6.     The Association Collection System Award shall consist of a plaque indicating the recipient’s name and year of award.


    Committee on Collection Systems

    1.     There shall be a State Section Collection Systems Committee in each member state.

    2.     The Activities of the State Section Committees on Collection Systems shall be consistent with the objectives of the Association.

    3.     The State Section Committees on Collection Systems shall plan and execute activities that enhance the collection systems awareness and knowledge of Association members.

    4.     The State Section Collection Systems Committees shall be responsible for submitting nominations for the Collection System Award to the General Awards Committee no later than December 1st.


    For Information, Contact:

    Amy Haque
    Phone: 855-692-7932



    Joan Hawley
    Superior Engineering, Muskego, WI


    Christopher Harrington
    HR Green, Minneapolis, MN


    Chris Dufort
    City of Elmhurst, Elmhurst, IL

    Past Recipients

    Aaron Berry
    Trotter and Associates, St. Charles, IL
    Scott Dentz
    Metropolitan Council, St. Paul, MN
    Mark Kivela
    City of Marshfield, WI
    Michael Holland
    Kishwaukee WRD
    Robert Walton
    Western Lake Superior SD
    Bill Wehrley
    City of Wauwatosa
    Derek J. Wold
    Baxter & Woodman
    Jerod Gabel
    City of Duluth
    Kevin L. Freber
    City of Watertown
    Zachary J. Matyja
    RJN Group
    Peter W. Owens
    John Nelson
    Matthew Streicher
    Wheaton Sanitary District
    Dianne Mathews
    Western Lake Superior SD
    Robert W. Lecey
    Kevin Hausherr
    Lakes Region SD
    Joe Rubbelke
    Tom Grisa
    Keith McKeen
    New Lenox
    -Tim Bate
    Milwaukee Metropolitan SD
    Robert Swirsky
    Downers Grove SD
    Chris Kleist
    City of Duluth
    Tom Grunewald
    Village of Boyd
    John McDonnell
    Thorn Creek SD
    Sandy Mass
    City of Duluth
    Tom Steinbach
    City of Oconomowoc
    Mark Eddington
    DeKalb Sanitary District
    Greg Guerrero
    City of Duluth
    Tim Zimmerman
    Village of Germantown
    -Todd Carlson
    City of Duluth
    Ron Dickrell
    Marshfield Wastewater Utility
    --Steve Woodman
    City of Beloit
    -Howard Jacobson
    City of Duluth
    --Bob Bradley
    City of Racine

    Mission Statement

    To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.