Outstanding Personal Service

Award Description
These awards are granted through the Water Environment Federation. CSWEA will make the application on behalf of candidates from the association.

For Information, Contact:
Mohammed Haque
1021 Alexandra Blvd
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: 855-692-7932

Charles Alvin Emerson Medal

Nominee must be a member of a member association whose contributions to the wastewater collection and treatment industry deserve recognition. Particular emphasis is given to involvement in problems and activities of the Federation, including the stimulation of membership, improving standards or techniques of wastewater treatment, water resource protection, and fostering fundamental research.

Harry E. Schlenz Medal

Documented achievements of a person who takes up the banner of water environment public education and presents it to their public in a productive process. Only individuals whose principle employment is outside the water environment profession are eligible. Nominee’s contribution should be in the area of journalism, film or video production, or any other communication endeavor. Nominee cannot be a member of the Federation.

International Activities Service Award

Demonstrated sustained and ongoing contributions, over a period of not less than 5 years, towards the furtherance and improvement of the activities of the Federation in the international field, primarily reflecting activities outside North America.
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