Bill Boyle Educator of the Year Award

Award Description
Established in 2007, this award recognizes accomplishments in the ed-ucation and development of future water environment professionals by educators at all levels, from primary grades through graduate students. This award honors Professor William C. Boyle, Professor Emeritus of Environment Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he served as mentor to many CSWEA members. Beyond his role as educator, researcher and mentor, Bill Boyle has served the Central States Water Environment Association throughout his career as a tire-less promoter of ongoing education and training and a facilitator of many successful technical programs and events.

For Information, Contact:
Mohammed Haque
1021 Alexandra Blvd
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: 855-692-7932

Past Winners - Undergraduate
2016 - Jeremy Guest, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015 - Daniel Zitomer, Marquette University
2014 - Betty Jo Azpell, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
2013 - Dr. Paige J. Novak, University of Minnesota
2012 - Dr. Krishna Pagilla, PE (Illinois Institute of Technology)
2011 - Dr. Cynthia Welsh, EdD (Cloquet High and Middle School, Duluth, MN)
2010 - Professor Daniel R. Noguera, Ph.D
2009 - Professor Max Anderson
2008 - Professor Emiratis Bill Boyle

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