CSWEA Awards

     The following is a listing of the awards that are given by, or through, the Central States Water Environment Association and the qualifications necessary to be considered for an award. Included with each award link is a listing of past award winners. In making this information available to the membership, it is hoped that deserving individuals and organizations may receive the recognition they deserve for their contribution to the Association and the profession.

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For more information contact General Awards Committee co-chairs Sue Baert or David Arnott or the contact person listed for each award.

Sue Baert
Wheaton Sanitary District
Phone: 630-668-1515
David Arnott
Ruekert & Mielke
Phone: 262-953-3080

Central States Water Environment Association Awards
Operations Award
Collection System Award
Radebaugh Award
Industrial Environmental Achievement Award
Academic Excellence Award
Young Professional of the Year Award
Bill Boyle Educator of the Year Award
Water Stewardship Award
CSWEA Service Awards
7 S Society
Golden Manhole Society

CSWEA Sponsored Activities
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Student Paper Competition

Water Environment Federation (WEF) Awards
Arthur Sidney Bedell Award
George W. Burke, Jr. Facility Safety Award
William D. Hatfield Award
Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award
Honorary Membership
Quarter Century Operator Award
WEF Service Awards
Outstanding Personal Service
Charles Alvin Emerson Medal
Richard S. Englebrecht Award
Harry E. Schlenz Medal
Excellence in Water Quality Achievement
Outstanding Achievement in Water Quality Improvement
Industrial Water Quality Achievement
Service in Engineering Education
Gordon Maskew Fair Medal
Service in Public Education
Public Education Award
George Bradley Gascoigne Medal
Project and Professional Excellence
Thomas R. Camp Medal
Phillip F. Morgan Medal
Innovative Facility Design Award
George J. Schroepfer Medal

7 S Society
Golden Manhole Society
President's Message
WEF Delegate's Report
CSWEA Magazine
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