CSWEA Arthur Sidney Bedell Award

Award Description
Given to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to a Water Environment Federation member association. Established in 1948.

Bedell Sub-Committee Chair:

Patti Craddock
Phone: 651-490-2067


Past Recipients

2016 – Patti Craddock
2015 – Randall A. Wirtz
2014 – Tim Tack
2013 – Carol Strackbein
2012 – Ralph B. Schroedel, Jr.
2011 – Dennis Lindeke
2010 – Scott Trotter
2009 – Jim Roth P.E.
2008 – Daniel Lynch, P.E.
2007 – John Leonhard
2006 – Bob L. Clavel, P.E.
2005 – James J. Smith
2004 – Eric R. Lecuyer
2003 – David Lane
2002 – Allen L. Rae
2001 – W. C. Boyle
2000 – Ken Johnson
1999 – John Fisher
1998 – Tom Bunker
1997 – Chuck Hansen
1996 – Sam L. Claassen
1995 – James L. Nemke
1994 – Eugene D. Lukasik
1993 – Sara J. Ethier
1992 – Frank T. Lamm
1991 – Gerald L. Peters
1990 – B. Victor Pfeiffer
1989 – R. Dale Richards
1988 – Robert F. Roskopf
1987 – Robert F. Hoffman
1986 – Albin D. Pagorski
1985 – A. E. Zanoni
1984 – Gary K. Coates
1983 – Donald J. Thimsen
1982 – Lawrence H. Breimhurst
1981 – O. Fred Nelson
1980 – H. William Byers
1979 – Lawrence A. Ernest
1978 – Paul A. Kuhn
1977 – Russell H. Susag
1976 – Raymond D. Leary
1975 – M. D. R. Riddell
1974 – Willard N. Sexauer
1973 – Richard S. Engelbrecht
1972 – William N. Konrad
1971 – Scott E. Linsley
1970 – J. Edward Meers
1969 – Frank I. Vilen
1968 – A. W. Banister
1967 – A. Paul Troemper
1966 – Thomas T. Hay
1965 – Lyle H. Smith
1964 – L. S. Kraus
1963 – Carl A. Wahlstrom
1962 – Maurice L. Robins
1961 – E. J. Beatty
1960 – Robert W. Frazier
1959 – Kerwin L. Mick
1958 – C. C. Larson
1957 – O. J. Muegge
1956 – W. W. Mathews
1955 – George J. Schroepfer
1952 – Don E. Bloodgood
1949 – Walter Asa Sperry


Award Criteria

  1. The Bedell Award Subcommittee, formed under the General Awards Committee, shall be responsible for selecting a nominee for the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award.
  2. The Bedell Award is given by WEF to a member of an Association in recognition of outstanding service in the sewerage and wastewater treatment works field, as related particularly to the problems and activities of the member Association.”
  3. The Subcommittee shall consist of at least four members, with a minimum of one member from each State Section of the Association, including a Chair. Insofar as is feasible, members of the Bedell Award Subcommittee shall be past recipients of the Award.
    1. Because of its membership being over 1,000, the Association is privileged to nominate a candidate for the Award each year.
    2. In general, the nominee shall have provided extraordinary service to the Association. This does not mean that it is necessary for the nominee to have served as an elective officer of the Association.
    3. The nominee shall have participated actively in the affairs of the Association with resulting contributions being easily identified because of their outstanding nature. This participation may be in the form of leadership through membership and committee work, presentation of technical papers, and other activities which, in general, enhance the prestige and effectiveness of the Association.
    4. Through contributions to the Association and to the water pollution control field, the nominee must have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and moral character.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the Subcommittee to prepare a brief statement indicating the contributions and qualifications of the nominee for the Award. This statement shall be submitted, no later than December 1st, to the Chair of the General Awards Committee by the Subcommittee Chair in making the recommendations for the Award. Following Executive Committee approval, the Executive Director shall also forward the name of the Association nominee for the Award to WEF for final approval by the WEF House of Delegates.


Mission Statement

To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

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