CSWEA Professional Wasterwater Operations
Ops Challenge 2015

Top row, left to right: Jason Neighbors, Marc Zimmerman, Tom Dickson, Jim Miller, Joe Rubbelke, Justin Pratt
Bottom row, left to right: Matt Streicher, Mike Murphy, Chris Lefebvre, Chris Kleist

Central States Volunteer Helps Operations Challenge Team Win First in Division 2 Laboratory Event

Shovelers : 1st Place Trophy for Lab Event in Division 2
3rd Place Trophy for Process Control Event in Division 2

Ops Challenge 2014
Captain Joe Rubbelke
(Intertech, MN)
Captain Chris Kleist
(Duluth, MN)
Todd Sheridan
(Northern Moraine WRD)
Brian Skafe
(Janesville WWTP)
Mike Murphy
(Green Bay, WI)
Justin Pratt
(City of Moline)
Katyh Hammel
Chris Lefebvre
(Stevens Point WWTP)
Coach Tom Dickson
Coach Jim Miller
(Foth Co., MN)

Ops Challenge 2010

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