CSWEA 89th annual meeting

    Session A – Leadership

    Sustainable Leadership and Decision Making… Solving Problems You Didn’t Know You Have in Ways You Can’t Understand.
    D. Michael Mucha, Madison MSD
    R2E2: Transforming a Utility.
    Tom Sigmund, NEW Water


    Session B – Energy, Controls, Aeration

    Innovations in Aeration.
    Leon Downing, CH2M
    Innovative Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor Technology for Low-Energy Nutrient Removal – Pilot Demonstration.
    Jeff Peeters, GE Power & Water
    Process Performance Optimization through Advanced Automatic Control and Online Monitoring.
    Bulbul Ahmed, Xylem, Inc.


    Session C – Nutrient Management Approaches

    Addressing Nonpoint Nutrient Loadings through Nutrient Concentration Systems-The Next Generation of Manure Management in Dane County.
    Randy Wirtz, Strand Associates
    Enhanced Stormwater Treatment – Coagulant Treatment for Phosphorus Removal.
    Michael Wegner, Brown and Caldwell
    Design and Implementation of an Agricultural Based Adaptive Management Pilot Study in the Silver Creek Watershed.
    Brent Brown, CH2M and Jeff Smudde, NEW Water


    Session D – Ops Energy Recovery

    Glenbard CHP Project: Design-Build For Energy Recovery.
    Eider Alvarez-Puras, Baxter & Woodman
    Kenosha Energy Optimized Resource Recovery Project.
    Curtis Czarnecki, Kenosha Water Utility
    The Path to Energy Neutrality – A Midpoint Perspective.
    Patrick Shea, City of St. Cloud


    Session E – Operators Focus Session

    Engine Maintenance.
    Ryan Giefer, Stevens Point
    Process Control and How to use Microorganism Assessments to Optimize Treatment.
    Kay Curtin, Metropolitan Council
    Centrifuge and Polymer Dosing.
    Cody Schoepke, Fond du Lac WWTF
    Resource Recovery (Nutrients & Energy).
    Leon Downing, CH2M
    How Does Operations Change when Bio-P or BNR is Implemented at your Treatment Facility.
    Greg Paul, Op2myZ
    Pondus System & Biosolids Dryer.
    Curtis Czarnecki, Kenosha Water Utility

    Biosolids Dryer & Process.
    Sharon Thieszen, Sheboygan WWTF

    On-Line Analyzers(Solids) and Volatile Acid Procedures.
    Kay Curtin, Metropolitan Council


    Session F – Ethics

    Code of Ethics / State Criminal Statutes / Code of Professional Conduct for Local Government Officials, Employees and Candidates.
    Steve Zach, Boardman Clark
    Issues When Engineers and Consultants Play Attorney.
    Paul Kent, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP


    Session G – Collection System

    A 5-year Progress Report of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Private Property Infiltration/Inflow Reduction Program.
    Julie McMullin, Brown and Caldwell and Rebecca Specht, Milwaukee MSD
    Computer Aided Design Tools Reduce Project Costs and Improve Pumping Station Design.
    Amanda Heller, Baxter & Woodman and Marcela Politano, IIHR
    Evaluating Inflow and Infiltration Rehabilitation Methods.
    Shane Firsching, Baxter & Woodman and Bob Swirsky, Downers Grove SD

    L-32 Forcemain River Crossing.
    Julie Benadum, Brown and Caldwell
    Using Recent Technologies to Control Odors and Corrosion Cost Effectively.
    Bill Desing, CH2M


    Session H – Phosphorus

    Evaluating the Options for Phosphorus Compliance Part III: The City of Fond du Lac Water Pollution Control Plant’s Experience.
    Jane Carlson, Strand Associates
    Full Scale Determination of Achievable Effluent Phosphorus Concentration without Tertiary Treatment at the Appleton WI, WWTP.
    Jim Fisher, CH2M
    Low Level Phosphorus Technology: Two Birds, One Stone.
    John Siczka, CH2M

    It is Just Like a Town Full of People: Removal of Phosphorus from Dairy Manure.
    Hiroko Yoshida and Joshua Gable, Centrisys Corp

    SNRP 101: Fond du Lac WWTP Lab Experiences.
    Autumn Fisher, City of Fond du Lac WWTP


    Session I – Ops Management / CSWEA

    “Repurposing” Existing Facilities – Pros/Cons, Risks/Rewards and a Case Study to Help You Decide.
    John Fraser and Matt Larson, Carollo Engineers
    Abandoning Energy Recovery: The Road to the RIN Market.
    Al Bush, SEH
    Global Water Stewardship – Using Wastewater Expertise for Humanitarian Efforts to bring Centralized Treatment to Developing Regions of Costa Rica.
    Matt Streicher, Glenbard Wastewater Authority and Alexandra Knicker, Baxter & Woodman

    ISI Envision Fosters Project Colloboration-Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District PS 15.
    James E. Kleinschmidt, Baxter & Woodman and D. Michael Mucha, Madison MSD
    Student Design Competition – Global Water Stewardship – Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica Design.
    Jordan Fure and Titus Rubietta, UW-Platteville


    Session J – Stormwater

    Advanced High-Rate Wet Weather Treatment.
    Paige E. Peters, Marquette University
    Designing a Community for Zero Stormwater Discharge.
    Brett H. Emmons, Emmons & Olivier Resources

    Stormwater BMPs as Part of a Public Strategy to Reduce Private Property Sanitary Sewer Inflow and Infiltration.
    Jon Steinbach and Derek Wold, Baxter & Woodman
    Stormwater Storage Facility and Rainwater Harvesting System.
    Paul Siegfried, Baxter & Woodman and Kelly Hamill, Village of Northbrook


    Session K – Nutrients, N

    Deammonification for Cost-Effective Nitrogen Removal.
    Nick Bartolerio, Strand Assocaites
    Efficient Nutrient Removal under Low Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations.
    Don Esping, Brown and Caldwell
    Mainstream Deammonification Using the ANITA™ Mox Process.
    Chris Thomson, Kruger/Veolia
    What You Need to Know About Nitrification & Denitrification That Grab Samples Won’t Tell You.
    Robert Smith, YSI/Xylem


    Session L – Digestion, Biosolids, Energy

    An Innovative Low Temperature Thermal Alkaline Hydrolysis Process with Multiple Benefits and Resource Recovery Options.
    Ajay Singh and Bill Mullin, Lystek International
    Biochar Production and Bio-oil Upgrading by Synergistic Catalytic Pyrolysis of Wastewater Biosolids and Bio-wastes.
    Zhongzhe Liu, Marquette University
    Biomethane production from anaerobically digested bioplastics.
    Nicholas Benn, Marquette University
    Innovative Anaerobic Wastewater Systems for Improved Bioenergy Production.
    Lance Schideman, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center


    Session M – Ops Nutrients

    A Phosphorus Deficit? Impacts of Soluble BOD5 and Nutrient Supply on a Municipal/Industrial Activated Sludge System.
    Troy Larson, Strand Associates
    Optimization of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process to Achieve Low Phosphorus Limits: Overview and Case Studies.
    Sara Arabi, Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc.

    Convert Activated Sludge to BPR.
    Greg Paul, Op2myZ and Ben Brooks, City of Medford
    Town of Salem Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements: Biological Nutrient Removal with Minimal New Infrastructure.
    Travis Anderson, Strand Associates


    Session N – Stormwater

    Biological Monitoring near Fox Metro Water Reclamation District WWTP.
    Karen Clementi, Deuchler Environmental
    Identifying Stormwater Quality Improvement Opportunities Using Green Infrastructure Implemented with Planned Capital Projects.
    Mark Mittag, CH2M
    Searching for the Goldilocks Water Quality Model.
    Michael Talbot, Emmons & Olivier Resources
    Glenview Harms Road Regional Stormwater Project.
    Christopher Buckley, Baxter & Woodman


    Session O – Biogas, Energy Recovery & Efficiency

    Air – Oh Yeah, That Other Permit We Might Need.
    Megan Corrado and Renee Lesjak Bashel, Wisconsin DNR
    Effective Mixing Provides Reliable Operation & Low Maintenance– Benefits of Low Pressure Pulsed Air Mixing: Anaerobic Zone BioP Mixing, AND Air Burst Mixing with Extended Aeration.
    Ken Neu, Environmental/Health Products & Services and Sidharta Arora, Milwaukee MSD

    Converting Biogas into Energy and Vehicle Fuel.
    Kim Murdock-Timmerman, Unison Solutions
    Fine Bubble Retrofit Does It Again.
    Jonathan Butt, Symbiont


    Session P – UV / Foaming / Assessment and Replacement

    Anaerobic Foaming: Causes and Prevention.
    Daniel Smeaton, Aquafix
    Electrical Condition Assessment and Replacement Planning for Wastewater Organizations.
    Michael Monte, Greeley and Hansen
    Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole: Effective and Efficient UV Retrofits.
    Lindsey Busch, Carollo Engineers

    Testing for the World’s Largest Wastewater UV Installation.
    Catharine Richardson, Greeley adn Hansen


    Session Q – Ops Biosolids / Ops Management

    Affordable and Unconventional Clean Water Act Compliance for Willmar, MN: A “Salty Discharge” Case Study Illustrating the Benefits of EPA’s Prioritized and Integrated Strategy for Clean Water Act Compliance.
    Ashley Hammerbeck, Donohue
    Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facility Successful Recovery of a Solids Management System from a Catastrophic Flood.
    Lloyd Winchell, Brown and Caldwell
    Lake County Tackles Biosolids Challenges.
    Jim Smith, Applied Technologies

    Proactive Approach Reduces Chlorides Discharges.
    John Szwedo, Baxter & Woodman


    Mission Statement

    To provide a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization (Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin) offering multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and to foster a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.